Chelsea Mueller Photography


Who am I as a photographer?

I bring the everyday moments to life forever for my clients, whether it’s a man and woman in love, a lil babe taking the first big milestones in life, or a lovely lady on the brink of adulthood. I capture who you are here and now, in your very own beautiful mess. 


Who am I as a person?

First and foremost, I’m a disciple of Jesus. It is by His grace, and for His glory that I live. I married my high school sweetheart-Todd. He is also my assistant/second shooter. He pushes me to dream bigger, and I keep him grounded. I could live on breakfast food, coffee, and ice cream. He could live on ESPN. He’s an Enneagram 7, and I’m a 9. We welcomed our sweet Lucy Rae into the world on May 18, 2016. Her baby brothers DC and Kohler live with Jesus (on the moon, according to her).. I’m a big sis, and Todd’s a big bro to a whole mess of little siblings. We have huge, crazy, loud, and tight knit families that we adore. If we aren’t taking photos, our weekends usually consist of multiple sporting events for some sibling or cousin, or a backyard BBQ with 30+ members of friends and family.

Jesus. Family. Coffee. Competition. That’s us.