Chelsea Mueller Photography

Your senior year is something so special. You’re on the brink of adulthood, yet you’re still a kid in so many ways. Capture this moment so that you can remember it, and for your parents. It’s just as special for you as it is for them. And, there aren’t many other times in your life where you get a whole photo shoot to yourself! I would love to capture your last bits of childhood and your first bits of adulthood in one session. 

  • I had so much fun working with Chelsea for my senior pictures! Not only does she take amazing shots but she makes the time go by so fast with her sweet and funny personality. I would highly recommend her if you're looking for high quality pictures at a good price!
    — Angie Gerst
  • Working with Chelsea Mueller for my senior pictures was one of the best experiences I could have asked for. When choosing the location for my pictures, I was able to choose anywhere I wanted and was even given suggestions of locations for the type of pictures I wanted. Chelsea also helped me when choosing my outfits for the pictures by suggesting colors and syle of clothes that would look timeless and outfits that I wouldn't regret wearing a few years down the road. During the actual pictures, Chelsea wasn't afraid to take pictures that she hadn't before (like dance action shots) or stand in bushes to try to get the perfect lighting and shot. Chelsea was extremely comfortable to work with and I didn't feel awkward when she told me to laugh or tell a story or to pose a certain way. Overall, I'm still in love with the pictures Chelsea took, and I know you will too.
    — Emma Freeman